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The Food Industry Exchange, sponsored by FMI - The Food Industry Association, creates an infrastructure and sustainable marketplace to immediately address the urgent needs of retailers and wholesalers by providing collaborative tools, products and services.

This subscription based platform is not only specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also fills a long-term need for product discovery and procurement.

Membership is free through September 30. A nominal fee applies and will auto-renew each month thereafter.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Our Mission

  • Bring vast efficiencies to the food supply chain, while also serving as a critical tool in times of need and beyond (i.e., during regionalized weather events or in good, blue-sky days).
  • Address the needs of retailers that require additional resources to fulfill needs at grocery stores by connecting them with suppliers/wholesalers that have capacity (products, transportation services, warehousing services), quickly, more precisely and on an ongoing basis.
  • Meet the long-term needs of retailers/wholesalers by creating a space for procurement and emerging or private brand (e.g., artisanal) discovery.
  • Connect suppliers/wholesalers with retailers, and vice versa, with a subscription based platform that is secure, real-time and a verified exchange to digitize and interconnect a geographically dispersed supply chain.
  • Provide added assurance through online credential display, such as PACA licensing, certifications, etc.

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